Reindeer Water Bottle – Easy DIY Christmas Craft

This is a great craft for school aged kids or Holiday parties. You can use big or small water bottles. These are also a healthier alternative to juice or soda. Make drinking water fun! This is a fun and easy craft for anyone.

Reindeer Water Bottle DIY Christmas Craft

You Need:

Water bottles
black paint (That will stick to plastic)
paint brush
red pompom
tacky glue
2 brown pipe cleaners per bottle

First grab your water bottle, black paint, and paint brush. You will want to create a big oval for the reindeer eyes. Then do a small half circle in the eye. Then a small dot. Now you want to get your tacky glue and put some on your red pompom. Then stick that onto the bottle where you want his nose. Now let that dry and set for a minute. Then you can paint his happy face on!

Now you can get two pipe cleaners and wrap it around the top of the cap and twist together. Then bend each side up like a football goal. You can bend these whoever you would like though! No two reindeer are the same. Then let it dry completely and enjoy. These would be fun to give out to your friends!

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