What To Wear To A Ballet Audition

What To Wear To A Ballet Audition

Welcome back to AvaLovesFashion.com! Sorry I was inactive for a while, I was so busy with my new school and ballet school! Today’s topic is……ballet auditions!!!!!!

I tried out for my new ballet school’s company! I don’t know the results yet I’ll tell you as soon as I can! It was very fun. If you are interested in your dance school’s company feel free to try out, it is a good experience!

Some ballet schools have different dress codes but here is what I had to wear to mine.

  • Black leotard
  • Pink tights
  • Pink ballet slippers
  • Hair pulled into a neat bun

I got my black leotard at Ivivva! They have awesome leotards there! It is my favorite leotard because it doesn’t move around when I dance. The tights I have to wear are from Capezio.

Thank you for reading AvaLovesFashion.com! Come back later! Bai!

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