Outdoor Fitness Fashion – Hiking, Mountain Biking & Rappelling

Today I am going to talk about outdoor fitness fashion! All of the topics I’m writing about today are things I have actually done! I hope you like it. Keep reading for interesting things.

Hiking Fashion

Ava Hiking in Arizona - Outdoor Fitness Fashion

Hiking a mountain outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

For hiking, you should wear a t-shirt and some shorts. It might be hot outside so you should also wear a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. You should also bring a backpack. Inside the backpack you should have a first aid kit, a cell phone and water/food. You will need all of this stuff to go hiking.

Ava Mountain Biking in Sedona - Outdoor Fitness Fashion

Ava Mountain Biking in Sedona

When you go mountain biking you obviously need a bike. You will need to bring an air pump. You will also need a cell phone, hat, first aid kit and your smile. Don’t forget your helmet! Those are very important. It might be busy on the trails so watch carefully for other people.

Rappelling Fashion

Ava Rappelling in Arizona - Outdoor Fitness Fashion

Rappelling with her grandpa in Oak Flat,
Arizona at age 7.

Last but not least, rappelling! You will have to bring safety equipment and proper rappelling gear. You have to be confident because if you are not, then you might never get to rappel. You will need a hat, sunglasses, a friend (to hold the rope just in case) and a harness. You can bring lots of friends. This is what you will need when you rappel.

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post. I hope you liked it. You can comment what you think of it and I will appreciate it! Love you guys who read my blog. Oh and I wanted to give a shoutout to http://modangel.com – they are very nice! Bye!

Closeup of Ava rappelling at age 7 - she was about to go vertical.

Closeup of Ava rappelling at age 7 – she was about to go vertical.

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