13 Reasons Why I Love Ballet

I started dance when I was 4! I switched dance schools when I was 6 to a ballet only school! I decided to switch because I wanted to focus on one style of dance and ballet was my favorite. Now I think I am really good at ballet. Here are 13 reasons why I love ballet.

Reasons I Love Ballet

I made a heart out of my feet, it wasn’t easy.

  1. I am flexible now because I take ballet
  2. I make friends at ballet (also school)
  3. I love to perform
  4. I can go to a performing arts school
  5. I wear beautiful handmade outfits
  6. I can perform in the professional company’s Nutcracker
  7. I can show my rhythm
  8. People don’t bully me
  9. We are treated the same way
  10. We build up our teamwork
  11. You can become a professional
  12. You have ALOT of fun and you enjoy it
  13. Last but not least You can BE ACTIVE its so much fun

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Ava - Tutu Photo

My mom took this photo of me in a field of alfalfa last week. It was fun, even though there were a lot of bugs there.

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