Jack Skellington OOTD

Welcome to Disney inspired week! Today I created a Jack Skellington OOTD! He is my favorite Disney character! I will tell you a story of what happened once!

One day at Disneyland I was very very cold! So I bought a Jack Skellington blanket! After that we went to the Haunted Mansion and there was a long long line when we got there! So when the person checking the fast passes saw my blanket he gave us all fast passes! And there was no one in the fast pass line and so once we got in we were so happy and warm! That was my story of what happened a Disneyland with my favorite disney character!

Thank you for reading my blog post for today during Disney inspired week! A Nikon camera giveaway is going to start this afternoon so check back for information on entering to win. Thank you for reading AvaLovesFashion.com

Jack Skellington Outfit

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