5 Things You Need For Your Ballet Summer Intensive

Ava Ballet Summer Intensive Must HavesA summer intensive is a ballet arts program that helps students get better at ballet. Ballerinas attend ballet summer intensives around the world! I am dancing at a summer intensive and you guessed it I am a ballerina! Here are 5 things that you will need to bring to your summer intensive.

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1. Water – You will need to bring a water bottle. You should bring it so you will be hydrated. If you are hydrated then you won’t be as tired. Seal the water bottle up tight so it won’t spill!

2. Clothes – You will also need a leotard and tights. They are important! You need your dance clothes because they are stretchy. If you wear jeans and a puffer coat, not so stretchy. Wear the appropriate leotard. If you have jazz or character, you need to bring the appropriate items.

3. Ballet Dictionary – You will need a ballet dictionary because if there’s a word you don’t know in ballet, you can use the dictionary instead of thinking for a long time. I have one that was written by Gail Grant called the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet (affiliate link).

4. Snacks – You need snacks because the summer intensive days are long. You will have a snack break and if you don’t bring snacks, you will be very hungry then you won’t be able to dance. Bring healthy snacks not junk food.

5. Paper and Pencil – You need a pencil and paper because if you hurt yourself and you have to observe, you will want to write the information down in your notebook. You can also use the notebook if there’s anything that you want to practice so you can better at it. You can write this information down in your notebook.

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