Dance Fashion – Costumes

ava_nutcracker_angelWelcome to the world of dance fashion! Today I will talk about costumes. So costumes are what you wear during performances! My costumes are handmade by professionals at my studio. I have to get measured before they make the costume. The people who make the costumes work hard making them so always take care of it.

Costumes can be anything, not only for ballet but for halloween too. The costumes aren’t always pretty, either. For example, during Nutcracker they also make mice costumes and soldier costumes as well. During the 2013 Nutcracker, I was an angel. The costume was magnificent and the wings were beautiful, but heavy. The costumes were so big that we had to ask someone for help while putting it on.

Costumes are made out of different materials like cotton, polyester, tulle, organza and lace. Be careful with your makeup because it can stain the costume. Costumes are one of my favorite parts of dance. Thank you for reading and I hope you read my next blog.


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